We work with and for our clients

We strive to offer quality products to our customers

Maximum quality

We select the best materials and workmanship to offer a quality product

We protect Child Labour

We carefully select our suppliers to ensure child labour is not used


We carefully choose suppliers who respect human rights

We look after our planet

We recycle and reuse materials, reducing our waste to a minimum

Exquisite design and manufacturing

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Salony Vadera - Mujer 3769 - 3011
Salony Vadera - Hombre 3738 - 4007
Salony Vadera - Mujer 3042 - 3196 - Mujer 3059 - 3703
Salony Vadera - Hombre 3110E

We are passionate about what we do

and we give credit to nature for inspiring our designs

We are working towards building a world that is kind and full of love.

I have been working with Salony Vadera over many years during which time all I can say is thanks you for all the attention which I receive.

It's a pleasure to receive goods from Salony Vadera. Eveything is packed in order of invoicing, supplied in hangers and each item labeled with the selling price using an anti theft system.

We are very happy with the interest that Salony and Bhikhu always show us. It is reassuring to know the attention they pay to detail to ensure all our goods are supplied in perfect condition.