Our Pledge

Salony Vadera wants your business to be a success.

Our team of experts will help you to incorporate innovative retail concepts to improve your activity with our products and services. Once we have established a commercial agreement we offer you:

  • Study of retail space.
  • Suggest and design of the space where our goods are to be displayed on retail to maximise sales and profits.
  • We provide different types of display stands for attractive marketing of our products.
  • We supply garments already in suitable types of hangers, with a price tag and an anti-theft label which operates on 8.2 MHz radio frequency system.
  • We pack in order of the delivery note to facilitate checking.
  • We check stocks on our display stands in your establishment.
  • Orders are customised to your requirements.
  • Delivery is within 24 hours, subject to logistics availability and according to our agreement.
  • We offer payment facilities. (subject to terms and conditions)
  • We visit your establishment regularly
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Logistics Facility

We aim to make your day easy and strive to be your best supplier of fashionwear

By your side

We provide all our clients with support to help them grow

Defining your Go-to-market strategy

We help our clients compose their store-front layouts to maximise sales

We encourage you

Your tranquility represents ours, therefore we guide you from the first moment

Always by your side

We are at your disposal to help your business flourish

Bhikhu Vadera
Founder & Director

Bhikhu Vadera

I feel the company is part of me and my principles. I acknowledge and appreciate my customers as part of us

Salony Vadera
Founder & Designer

Salony Vadera

I put my heart and soul into designing every piece of clothing

Farisha Vadera
Head of distribution

Farisha Vadera

Ensuring all orders are delivered to our clients on time

We take care of the environment

We strive to ensure our production is as sustainable as possible

Sostenibilidad con Salony Vadera


We are working hard to minimise our impact on the environment


Responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction

Highest Quality Standards

Highest quality is synonymous of respect for the customer


One of our main goals is to attain maximum efficiency

I have been working with Salony Vadera over many years during which time all I can say is thanks you for all the attention which I receive.

It's a pleasure to receive goods from Salony Vadera. Eveything is packed in order of invoicing, supplied in hangers and each item labeled with the selling price using an anti theft system.

We are very happy with the interest that Salony and Bhikhu always show us. It is reassuring to know the attention they pay to detail to ensure all our goods are supplied in perfect condition.