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Salony Vadera, S.L. was started in 1998 with a clear objective of offering wholesale, beachwear products specialised in the Canary Islands. we now offer womenswear, menswear, hats and caps as well as souvenir items.


Over the years we have selected best of manufacturers who strictly comply with our policy of quality products, respecting workers’ rights and at the same time protecting the environment. We strive to offer a service and make this world a better place for all.

Our Story


Salony Vadera, S.L. is founded, designing, manufacturing, importing and distributing sportswear in the Canary Islands.


We add to our range, designing, manufacturing and distributing of Caps.


Salony Vadera, S.L. adds a new range of souvenir items, innovating a product widely available in the Canary Islands.


We add an array of hats to our range, with our own designs for the Canary Islands.


We strenghten and diversify our company by adding a new activity. We now offer properties for rent and resale.


In conjunction to our range of souvenirs, we start marketing soft toys personalised for the tourist market.

The team

We are at your disposal to help your business flourish

Bhikhu Vadera
Founder & Director

Bhikhu Vadera

I feel the company is part of me and my principles. I acknowledge and appreciate my customers as part of us

Salony Vadera
Founder & Designer

Salony Vadera

I put my heart and soul into designing every piece of clothing

Farisha Vadera
Head of distribution

Farisha Vadera

Ensuring all orders are delivered to our clients on time

I have been working with Salony Vadera over many years during which time all I can say is thanks you for all the attention which I receive.

It's a pleasure to receive goods from Salony Vadera. Eveything is packed in order of invoicing, supplied in hangers and each item labeled with the selling price using an anti theft system.

We are very happy with the interest that Salony and Bhikhu always show us. It is reassuring to know the attention they pay to detail to ensure all our goods are supplied in perfect condition.