Company Philosophy

Our fundamental principles:


  • To achieve an excellent quality of our products.
  • To offer an excellent and uncompromised service to our customers.
  • To source the best and most efficient manufacturing processes.
  • A total commitment to ensure our activity helps protects the environment as much as we can.


We currently work closely with manufacturers in Thailand, China and India. We visit these places regularly and ensure that our guidelines and policies are strictly adhered to.


The Company phylosophy strives to ensure that during the manufacturing process right through to final distribution to our customers, no child labour is used and workers rights are strictly adhered to. Whilst at the same time ensure the process does not harm the environment.

Filosofía de empresa Salony Vadera SL

Maximum quality

Day by day we push ourselves to give you more with a smile on our face

We protect Child Labour

We carefully select our suppliers to ensure child labour is not used


We carefully choose suppliers who respect human rights

Protect Our Planet

We recycle and reuse materials, reducing our waste to a minimum

Our capabilities

We strive to get the best result for our clients

Fabricación textiles con telar

Customer satisfaction

Encourage customer satisfaction with enthusiasm


Punctuality in our service is our first priority

Concern for our customers

Customer satisfaction is our main aim


Day by day we push ourselves to give you more with a smile on our face

I have been working with Salony Vadera over many years during which time all I can say is thanks you for all the attention which I receive.

It's a pleasure to receive goods from Salony Vadera. Eveything is packed in order of invoicing, supplied in hangers and each item labeled with the selling price using an anti theft system.

We are very happy with the interest that Salony and Bhikhu always show us. It is reassuring to know the attention they pay to detail to ensure all our goods are supplied in perfect condition.